Shadow Fight 2-Enhance your knowledge about modes!

Gone are the days of playing tedious games where you are not able to do interesting things. Now the entertainment industry has gone extra miles, and you can play action based games. Well, Shadow Fight 2 is this type of game. The game will offer you to play with different Shadow monsters and improve your real life skills. Here lots of fighting-related incredible and enjoyable missions are available. The game is launched with many types of languages which make it the most accessible game for every country people. It is also helpful to improve your real life skills.

Incredible Modes-

There are many kinds of modes available in the Shadow Fight 2. Each mode offers you an incredible gift and facilities. For a very new player, it is essential to know the types and importance of every mode. Here today we are going to give you a complete guide about crucial types of modes.

  1. Tournament-

It is the first type of mode available in the game. Under this mode, many kinds of stages are available with a maximum of 3 rounds. In each stage, you need to pass 2 rounds for unlocking next round.  When you complete the stage, then the company will offer you many kinds of currencies and premium resources by trying Shadow Fight 2 Hack .

  1. Challenger Fight-

Under this mode, you are able to randomly selected or fighting with a shadow. In this mode also many battles are available and each round has limited time 99 seconds. When you complete the round in fixed time, then you receive some gifts like weapons, Currencies, Resources and other things.

  1. Survival-

In this mode, six successive rounds are present with simple fights. If you are a new comer, then you should use this mode first because of its simple missions. Under this mode, you will achieve some Platinum cons and small about of XP as the rewards.



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